Envisioned in a Box

Jacob Ethan Flores
1 min readMay 16, 2017

in all my heart
where the window meets
the phrasing
of ellipses
sutured still
where necks raised
proud engage the grain
of hard fought land
shorn by the stories
framed in conquest
violent sorrow
massive protest
concrete swamp
leaking taxes
all roads lead back
to home

icon shining in the dark
corrected vision
with a hunger
camping lines
form round the cult
entranced by cobalt powered
pouring light-noise
for our klipot
screaming for fulfillment
shattered sephiroth

alignment lurking in
the background
breeding stars
found under covers
of illusion
by darkness
pushing outward
what a secret
veiled thinly
we can taste it
hold me closer
bombs keep falling
like the sounds
of church bells ringing
can you hear al-muezzin calling
while all falls down
the word whispers
its just begun



Jacob Ethan Flores

Poet, tech analyst, artist. Building bridges between design, technology, biology, and the commons.